Skippy Pull-up Pants

Skippy Pull-up Pants

“Skippy Pull Ups” are a premium product that offers all the necessary qualities of a great pull up diaper. These undergarments do not differ in quality from products produced by leading international brands and manufactures all across the globe.

  • The wide elastic waistband ensures extra comfort and fit. The waistband technology guarantees that the diaper stays in place under all circumstances.
  • There is a Wetness Indicator that can be found on the diaper, the purpose of which is to display when the diaper is ready to be changed. This design, which features two yellow lines in the middle of the diaper, ensures that it is changed at an appropriate time.
  • The unique and cute design of the pull ups, which is similar to regular underwear, makes them rise above their competitors.
  • Handling of the packaging has never been easier.
  • The reasonable price, the quantity of diapers in a pack, and the overall advantage that ‘Skippy Pull Up’ have over their competitors make these diapers a must have for any parent.

About company

OOO “TDM Impex” manages the professional development, contracted production and wholesale of high-quality economy class hygienic products for child and adult care under its own brands Skippy and Dr. Skipp, as well as wholesale supplies of hygiene products of other manufacturers.

All ranges of our hygienic products have been specially designed and crafted to meet the demands of the individual Central and Eastern European markets that we operate in. The quality of our products is on par with various leading premium international brands. We manage to accomplish this while simultaneously offering our products at significantly cheaper prices.

We use the same manufacturing facilities as various worldwide leaders of the hygiene market, such as Kimberly Clark (Huggies, Depend), SCA group (TENA, Libero), and Unilever.
The highest standards of the technological processes are combined with strict quality controls to guarantee the highest quality of our products.

We are looking for new markets and business partners, and invite you to review this catalogue and widen your shelf assortment with our products. We guarantee fast and robust sales with no quality issues.

Main Office
OOO “TDM-Impex”

220123, Republic of Belarus,
City: Minsk
Skriganova str. 6a
Unit 14 (5th floor), office 28.

+375 17 204 73 70

+375 44 584 03 03

Minsk storage address:

City: Minsk
Street: 3-Montajnikov side street 3А

Representatives in Ukraine
TOB “TDM Impex”

02141, Ukraine,
Kyiv, Oleksandra Mishugi street
bld. 1/4, office 130.

Phone: +380968993739

Representatives in Russia
OOO “RM-plus”

117246, Russian Federation,
City: Moscow,
Nauchnii Proezd, 19
Phone: +7(495)642-82-60

Moscow storage address:
Moscow Oblast (Moscow region), Balashiha,
Kosinskoe shosse, 3/6.

For any questions regarding international partnerships:

+375 29 376 18 76